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Welcome to my web page.My name is Matt, I'm 13, and into go-kart racing. This is my First year racing and I'v won the championship already.
I built this page because I could not find many pages about go cart racing.

This is me at T.K. raceway pushing a points contender
I won the Championship!!!
I won the Championship thanks to my dad, my corporate sponser[My Mom], my motor Builder Terry Dunigan, and God.I could not have done this without them.
I race on a dirt oval with a 96' Phantom stalker. My motor builder has helped me alot with geting the horse-power,but horse-power is nothing if you don't have handling. So my dad helped me with that.
Since this is my fist year racing I'm very proud of myself.It was hard work for my dad and anybody involved with it.In the end we all pulled through.
I have 6 wins out of 15 races. To me thats prety immpressive. I guess I have alot of Braging rights.
This racing buesness is not easy. We had to work hard even if it is just supposed to be for fun. Since we missed the first race at T.K. we had to work that much harder. I had to want to win. Some guys are there to follow and some are there to lead.
If you would like to ask questions or if you just want to talk e-Mail me at........ matt_racer@hotmail.com
I think this is a pretty boring page but soon i'm going to build a page with only pictures.

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